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Comprehensive Aircraft Management

Rely on Horizon Jet Charter for complete freedom from the complexities of day-to-day flight operations and gain peace of mind from knowing your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the best in the business. Our turnkey aircraft management solutions cover all aspects of aircraft ownership while providing the best overall value in the industry.

Comprehensive private aircraft management.​

All of the benefits. None of the hassles.

Enjoy unmatched cost savings in key operational areas for your aircraft.

Receive extensive cost savings on critical operational expenses such as jet fuel, FBO fees and services, crew member travel and training, aircraft insurance and maintenance.

Average saving include:

  • Fuel (up to 40% lower than retail*)
  • Crew Training (25% lower than retail)
  • Maintenance (30-50% lower than retail)
  • Crew Expense and Travel (40% lower than retail)

* Based on the average retail price per gallon published by Business & Commercial Aviation magazine.

Aircraft Maintenance

Make sure your aircraft is always in top flying condition.

Horizon Jet Charter’s fleet maintenance team operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in private aviation today. With over 125 years of specialized jet maintenance experience, our team ensures every aircraft dispatched has been fully reviewed and inspected. 

Your aircraft is continuously monitored by specialized maintenance team, providing extensive support to keep your aircraft airworthy. With all minor and major maintenance and inspection work done in house, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your aircraft.

Oversight and Compliance

Stay ahead of intricate regulatory requirements.

Horizon Jet Charter handles all of the behind-the-scenes travel requirements to make your flight hassle-free. From maintenance and quality control to trip feasibility, Horizon Jet Charter ensures that we exceed FAA safety standards in all aspects of flight.

Flight Operations

Operate your aircraft with precision and efficiency.

Horizon Jet Charter performs all flight operations and manages crew activities to maximize the operations of your aircraft.

These activities include conducting and coordinating classroom and simulator training for crewmembers, scheduling crew and aircraft for flights, providing flight crew travel support, arranging on board catering and ground transportation, facilitating crew communications, dispatching and following flights, making international travel services available, and taking care of unplanned aircraft repair for quick trip resumption.

Flight Crew

Hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all your missions.

Selecting and allowing only the best in the industry to serve as your crew, Horizon Jet Charter will recruit, hire, and train highly-qualified crew members.

In addition to recruiting, hiring, and training your crew, Horizon manages all the daily details of your aircraft’s personnel requirements. From administering payroll, employment taxes, and health benefits to managing ongoing employee relationships and conflict resolution, your crew is taken care of by a professional human resources team.

Finance Administration

Know where you stand financialy.

Horizon Jet Charters finance team will work closely with your designated financial representative to provide customized reporting and easy-to-comprehend invoices.

Each invoice is reviewed and audited for all aircraft-related costs and included in one simple monthly statement, tailored to your specific needs.

Charter Revenue

Opportunities exist to place your jet Aircraft on Horizon Jet Charter’s 135 Air Carrier Certificate, enabling you to generate charter revenue when you are not using your aircraft. All trips require your (owner) approval, while also knowing that only Horizon Jet Charter’s elite clientele will be considered as charter passengers.

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Fractional Ownership

Don’t want the large capital investment of buying an aircraft on your own, but want the benefits of owning one? Take part in the Horizon Jet Charter Fractional Ownership program, and secure an ownership stake in one of our managed aircraft. With $50,000 down*, receive a 12.5% ownership stake on a nine passenger jet with a fully burdened operating expense below $4,000 per hour. The Horizon Jet Charter Fractional Ownership program offers ideal access to a majority of smaller/reliever airports to get you closer to your destination. Our program suits any flying profile for less than half the cost of similar programs on equivalent aircraft!

* Up to 80% of the initial capital towards ownership interest will be returned upon leaving the program. Pricing and availability may change

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